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Here is something we run into or see a lot. You have a great tile and grout floor and you want to keep it looking as best as possible between professional cleanings. Over time, you notice that a simple mopping won’t do in a few high traffic areas, so you add a little more cleaning solution to the mix and you’re happy with the results you’ve achieved. It is time to clean and mop again and the dark areas from before are there once again and you remember you added a little more cleaning solution before so you do it again.

This process goes on for several weeks and before you know it you’re having to add a little more cleaning solution and even scrub some areas to get the results you desire. Unknown to you what is happening is a very common compounding problem. Let us explain…

Many of the tile and grout maintenance products use some sort of surfactant or soap to give it its cleaning power. When the cleaning solution dries after cleaning it leaves a small amount of residue and attracts soil and oils more quickly. Each time that you clean the tile yourself you’re having to break up more soil and the cleaning solution residue that is attracting the soil. As you can tell, this can cause bigger issues such as damage to the tile and grout, create a slippery surface because of the residue, and the need for professional tile and grout cleaning to bring the floor back to par. Not that professional cleaning is a bad thing we just believe in helping you have cleaner floors for longer.

Tile & Grout Maintenance Cleaning Tips

  1. Here is the truth – the tile and grout cleaning product of your choice is likely the culprit to your problem. As a professional cleaning company we truly understand why clients chose to use certain products on their floors. There are infomercials and commercials that make promises with super miracle products every single day. There are a lot of choices! Many of the products available today leave an invisible residue on your floor. This residue attracts soil and causes the floor to get dirtier faster. The natural reaction to want to add more cleaning product is not the right choice and can become an even bigger problem.
  2. If you’ve had your grout lines sealed, the cleaning products you are using can damage the protective properties of that sealant. Whether you had it applied when it was installed or after professionally cleaning. There are many products that can damage that protective coating and render it useless. This can result in permanent staining. We can and will recommend cleaning products that won’t do this that are perfect for the tile and grout floor that you have. Please call, message us on Facebook, or ask during your cleaning appointment.
  3. We normally recommend a neutral floor cleaner that doesn’t leave a residue. You have to be wary of products that are meant to leave a shine on your tile and grout as the “shine” can be nothing more than soil attracting residue. Another important note is to never apply wax to your tile and grout floor.
  4. Sealing and protecting your grout is a great investment. Following your professional tile and grout cleaning, we highly recommend to have your grout sealed. Your tile will clean up easier when you maintain it and professional cleanings will be more successful as well. Grout sealant is an invisible protective layer that makes it difficult for liquids and soils to penetrate the grout. What you’re left with is tile and grout that stays cleaner longer with less effort!

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