Pet Odor Removal Rutherford County TN

Pet odor removal rutherford county tn


Pet Odor Removal Rutherford County TN

The truth is we all love our pets. They bring us joy and help us to get through the more difficult parts of life. They lift us up and the bring smile and love to our faces. However, our pets make it difficult to keep our homes looking, feeling, and smelling fresh.

The difficult part when it comes to pet odor removal is not the actual removal of the odor source but rather identify where our furry love ones have had accidents. Extreme Clean Carpet Cleaning is trained to be able to identify where these accidents have occurred. We have special equipment to be able to detect these areas. We offer three levels of pet odor removal service and depending on how long and how often your pet or pets have been having accidents we will educate you on the best approach for you.

Topical Treatment

We use a safe and effective pet odor removal product that once applied begins breaking down the source of the odor. We allow the product to dwell for a good length of time and then extract it using our powerful carpet cleaning system. At times we will need to treat the spot(s) more than once to be effective.

Sub-surface Extraction

There are times where are more advanced approach is needed where we use a special tool that allows us to extract all the way down to the pad. We apply our odor removal product more thoroughly, allow it to dwell and use our sub-surface extraction tool to bring the odor out of the pad and the carpet. This is our more popular pet odor removal service as our clients usually call when the odor issue has compounded from multiple accidents.

Restorative Odor Removal

In more extreme cases we have a restorative odor removal process. This involves us pulling back the carpet and removing the affected pad and cleaning and sealing the subfloor. The reason we have to remove the pad and cleaning and seal the subfloor is because the source of the odor has soaked into the subfloor and continue to wick into the pad and into the carpet. Cleaning and sealing the subfloor will make the source of the odor stay dormant, and replacing the pad is always wise because urine will break it down rather quickly. After the subfloor is cleaned and sealed we will flush the back and front of the carpet to remove any odor causing material from the carpet. Once the back and front of the carpet is flushed we will install new pad and re-install the carpet. We will clean the face yarns of the carpet once again and quickly dry the area.

Pet Stain Removal

We also carry a wide range of pet stain and odor removal products. Pet stains are some of the more difficult to remove stains that we come across. If urine has been left in the carpet for long periods of time, this can damage the dye sites within the carpet. Once the dye sites are damage this can result in a permanent stain. We highly recommend that if your pet or pets are having multiple accidents to call us right away and allow us to take care of them. The quicker we can get to them the higher chances of a stain not being left behind and for easier removal.

How to Deal with Pet Stains & Odor

For urine we recommend that you take an absorbent towel that you don’t mind using and place it over the spot to absorb the urine. We suggest folding it a few times if applicable, placing the towel on the spot, and stepping on it so that you compress the pad. You will want to find a heavy object and place it on the towel and leave it there for a few hours so that it can absorb as much urine as possible.

For pet odors that are solid such as feces or vomit you will want to remove as much of the solid as possible. For both any type of pet accident resist the urge to grab any products from under your kitchen sink to remove them. Using such products can and in most cases well set in any spot turning it into a stain. Give us a call and we can help walk you through a safe process to attempt to clean before we arrive.