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Extreme Clean Carpet Cleaning is owned and operated by Dale and April Compton. 

Why Choose Us?

One of the top reasons that you should choose our company is that we only use the latest equipment, the best cleaning solutions, and that we have been doing business for many years. We are well known in the community, with hundreds of people having used our services, all of which are happy with the end result. If you have been searching for a new carpet cleaning business to use, and you are not sure about who to choose, you should consider our carpet cleaning business because of our experience, integrity, availability, quality of equipment and the level of experience we deliver.

A Few Common Questions

Q: How long does the carpet take to dry after cleaning? A: We typically see dry times that range from 1 – 8 hours. This is going to depend on the condition of the carpet and the weather. On my humid days in the summer your air conditioner will help aid in a quicker drying time. Ceiling fans help to circulate the air to help with the carpet drying quicker as well.

Q: Can I walk on the carpet after its cleaned? A: Yes you can, but we urge you take extreme caution when walking from a carpeted area that is still damp to a hard surface area. The light dampness on your feet could cause to you slip. Also, we recommend wearing fresh socks or house slippers that aren’t worn outside.